Mix & Match Meal Deals

Mix & Match Meal Deals

All meals are freshly prepared hence a notice period of 1-2 hours is required. Orders placed before 4:00PM will be delivered the same day.

Level 2 - 2pc Exotic Chicken Fillets, 2pc Oriental Lamb Sausages, 2pc Lebanese Lamb Lollies, 2 Garlic Pita

Level 3 - 3x 300g Legacy T-Bone Steaks, 3x Farmstyle Beef Wors, 3x Mini Garlic Rolls

Level 4 - 4pc Portuguese Chicken Leg Quarters, 4pc Prego Chicken Fillets, 4pc Garlic Chilli Lamb Wors, 4pc Lebanese Lollies, 4 Garlic Pita

Level 5 - 5pc Legacy Loin Chops, 5pc Bbq Lamb Ribs, 5pc Oriental Lamb Sausages, 5pc Prego Chicken Fillets, 5pc Peri Peri Wings, 5 Garlic Pita

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